About The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee provides personalized charitable solutions to help you make a difference and enrich the community in ways that matter to you.

When you come to The Community Foundation with a charitable dream or idea, we help ensure you meet your goals efficiently, effectively and with meaning.

With or without great wealth, our donors come from every corner of the community to achieve their charitable goals and impact a broad range of needs.

Mission and Vision

The Community Foundation’s mission is to enrich the quality of life in Middle Tennessee.

  • We provide flexible and cost-effective ways for civic-minded individuals, families and companies to contribute to their community – now and for all time.
  • Our vision is to help people feel good about giving, no matter the amount, no matter the cause.
  • We ensure both the excellent stewardship of donor funds and the wise investment of grants in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee we serve.
  • We draw on the deep roots of philanthropy, and we’re focused on helping people find creative and even entrepreneurial ways to help the community thrive.

About the Bee

AboutbeeThe bee became the symbol of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee on our 10th birthday in 2001. Why? The Community Foundation bee represents philanthropy, which is, at its heart, crosspollination: gathering from those who have and getting it to those who need. The bee is industrious. It can change direction easily to address the needs of its community. It flourishes in the midst of a hive of activity and intrinsically understands that the contributions of each enrich all. A bee never works alone, but one bee, like one person, can make a difference—allowing a field to flower, an orchard to bear fruit, or a community to prosper. You can find us buzzing around The Community Foundation’s office at 3833 Cleghorn Avenue, Nashville, TN 37215.