Piecing Hearts Together
P.O. Box 39
Pegram TN 37143
Dedicated to improving the qulaity of life for senior citizens.
Mission Statement

Piecing Hearts Together is dedicated to improving the quality of life for senior citizens throughout Middle Tennessee through creativity and artistic expression.

Through our work, we have seen the positive impact that engaging in creative activities has had on individuals that have attended our classes. Research has shown that creativity can reduce depression, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness. With nearly 50% of aging adults experiencing negative effects of isolation, our workshops not only inspire and uplift, but they help people engage in social interaction.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Heather Van Syckle
Board Chair Amy Kate McMurry
Board Chair Company Affiliation Williamson County Schools
History & Background
Year of Incorporation 2016
Organization's type of tax exempt status 501-C3
Financial Summary
Graph: Expense Breakdown Graph - All Years
Projected Expenses $49,620.00
Projected Annual Revenue $49,620.00 (2018)

Piecing Hearts Together is dedicated to improving the quality of life for senior citizens throughout Middle Tennessee through creativity and artistic expression.

Through our work, we have seen the positive impact that engaging in creative activities has had on individuals that have attended our classes. Research has shown that creativity can reduce depression, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness. With nearly 50% of aging adults experiencing negative effects of isolation, our workshops not only inspire and uplift, but they help people engage in social interaction.
Background The foundation for Piecing Hearts Together started with an idea envisioned by co-founder, LeeAnn Balletto, during a difficult time in her life. Years later, with the collaboration of Heather Van Syckle, the idea became the basis for a new nonprofit organization with the desire to bring creative outlets to people who are enduring difficult situations. The importance of living transparently in community, along with acknowledging that our pain has a purpose and should not be wasted, provided the cornerstone from which Piecing Hearts Together was built. Since its incorporation in May, 2016, Piecing Hearts Together has provided creative expression opportunities to over 500 individuals. In early 2017, Piecing Hearts Together began bringing art workshops to local senior centers and began focusing on art for aging adults.
Piecing Hearts Together provides creative outlets for senior citizens and people enduring difficult times by bringing art workshops to facilities and individuals that are under-served in the realm of artistic expression, such as senior centers, nursing homes, memory care facilities, and hospice. Piecing Hearts Together workshops provide a comfortable and encouraging community atmosphere that inspires creativity and often complements existing therapies and treatment programs.
In our first year, we had over 200 participants in our art workshops. During our second year, we've had over 300 attendees, mostly low-income senior citizens who would not otherwise have the resources for artistic expression. We have expanded our programs to 10 additional facilities throughout Middle Tennessee, including four FiftyForward centers.
In 2018, we plan to increase our programs in memory care facilities, with the goal of documenting and measuring the effects of creativity with dementia patients. We hope to collaborate with other studies on creativity and memory loss. our goal is to also expand programs in rural areas of Middle Tennessee, where there are no current activity programs for senior citizens living independently.
  • Financial Donations: Individual and small business financial contributions support the operational needs and program service costs for Piecing Hearts Together workshops. Any size gift is greatly appreciated. Sustaining gifts are especially important for budget planning and broadening our reach into the community.

  • Community Partnerships & Corporate Sponsors: Community support is vital to our operation. In addition to financial support, businesses that offer supplies or donations-in-kind, host an art supply drive, or provide venues for our workshops and fundraisers, are invaluable.

  • Fundraising: Fundraising events hosted on our behalf help spread the word about the work we’re doing, provide financial support for our programs, and reduce the workload for our small staff – triple win!

  • Art Parties: The per-person fees for private art parties help support our programs while your guests go home with their own unique creation.

  • Social Media & Community Rewards Programs:

    • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Comment on our posts and share with your friends and followers.

    • Choose Piecing Hearts Together as your charity of choice when using your Kroger Plus card or shopping AmazonSmile. Both can be set up quickly through your accounts online.
Other ways to donate, support, or volunteer
  • Donate via our website (www.piecingheartstogether.org), by mailing a check, through Facebook (www.facebook.com/piecingheartstogether), or via phone (615-521-2376).
  • In-kind donations are welcome and appreciated! Current areas of need are: printing, event space, food or drinks for fundraising events, arts & crafts supplies, signage, advertising, and promotional materials (t-shirts, mugs, pens, keychains, etc.).
  • Volunteer with us! We're currently building teams to help us prep for workshops, help facilitate workshops, plan fundraising events, and be social media ambassadors! Have fun while helping us bring creative expression opportunities to people who need it the most!
  • Donate objects that will be used to create great art! Used or broken jewelry, beads, old keys, small scrap metal, paper flowers, polymer clay, scrapbook paper or other decorative paper, acrylic paint, paint brushes, metallic paint, glue guns, positive words cut from magazines, polymer clay, scissors, chipboard, metal or wood words, letters, stencils, storage bins, gift cards for craft supply stores, rolling suitcase, plastic tablecloths...please visit our website and check out our ever-changing "wish list"!
  • Social Media: Follow and SHARE!
    Facebook: Facebook.com/PiecingHeartsTogether
    Instagram: Piecing_Hearts_Together
    Twitter: @PHT_Nashville
  • Amazon and Kroger Shoppers:
    Make us your designated charity on Smile.Amazon.com and/or Kroger Community Rewards.
    (email Heather@PiecingHeartsTogether.com if you need the link to sign up)
  • Donation Stations:
    Let us put a Donation Station at your office or business to encourage people to donate items from our Wish List.
  • Host an Art Party!
    Invite friends to your home, or have an art party or team-building event at your office.

Service Categories
Primary Organization Category Arts,Culture & Humanities / Arts,Culture & Humanities NEC
Secondary Organization Category Human Services / Senior Centers/Services
Tertiary Organization Category Human Services / Residential Care & Adult Day Programs
Areas of Service
Areas Served
TN - Davidson
TN - Cheatham
TN - Dickson
TN - Rutherford
TN - Sumner
TN - Williamson
TN - Wilson
We operate in Nashville and surrounding areas, such as Brentwood, Franklin, Madison, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, Ashland City, Pegram, Kingston Springs, Charlotte, Dickson, and Hendersonville.
Board Chair Statement

Piecing Hearts Together (PHT) is a unique organization because provides creative aging opportunities to senior citizens in Middle Tennessee, who face a range of disadvantages. Our mission to improve their quality of life through creative expression requires a broad outreach effort as well as a tailored approach to each workshop to meet the needs and abilities of the participants.

To achieve this mission, we visit potential hosting facilities, attend community events, network to spread the word about what PHT does in the Middle Tennessee, and find communities of people who will benefit from our services. Time is the greatest factor in our outreach efforts, but financing the costs of attending events and producing marketing materials to have on hand is also a major factor. We hope to receive donations-in-kind from printing facilities and event organizers as a way to offset these expenses.

The biggest challenge we face as a new non-profit is fundraising. As the diversity of the groups we serve increases, so does the need for additional supplies and materials we work with. The average cost per workshop (most often absorbed by PHT) is $200. With our goal of providing 3-4 workshops per week, we are in need of $600 - $800 per week to support our programs. We strive to partner with local businesses and corporations based in Middle Tennessee to have them sponsor weekly or monthly workshops so that we can achieve our goal.

What makes a PHT workshop so enjoyable is the personalized theme and scope of the projects, combined with the wide variety of supplies we bring to each one. Since all of PHT’s workshops involve “pieces coming together” to make something beautiful, we bring objects and embellishments that could be appealing or meaningful to many different types of personalities.

We go to great lengths to find and purchase special things for people to work with. There are many ways in which interested people can help replenish our supply inventory, such as placing a supply “donation station” in their place of business or worship, donating craft supplies (or old/broken jewelry and found objects), scouring craft and dollar stores for bargain supplies, and helping us spread the word about our supply needs.

PHT continually seeks participant feedback and suggestions for improvement. We are so pleased to have received such an incredible amount of positive comments. Many people who initially did not think they enjoyed creating art enthusiastically said they would like to attend another PHT creative workshop!
CEO Statement
For aging adults, creativity has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Piecing Hearts Together brings creative opportunities to senior citizens to increase their socialization, inspire them, and make a positive impact on their overall well-being. Our workshops provide a comfortable and encouraging community atmosphere that fosters relaxation and promotes creativity. We have repeatedly seen the tremendous impact our workshops have in the short span of just one hour. People who come in with heavy hearts, occupied minds, and a sense of hopelessness, often leave with a sparkle in their eyes, feeling hopeful, confident, and have a stronger sense of self worth.
Your donations help lift the spirits and increase the confidence of senior citizens who are often dealing with negative aspects of aging. Our workshops let them express themselves in a non-verbal way and help them feel a sense of community. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be creative. Not everyone has the resources.

In 2017, Piecing Hearts Together began offering creative workshops for senior citizens at facilities such as activity centers and nursing homes. These workshops are for individuals over 55 who have moderate dexterity and are able to glue objects onto canvases or boxes. The purpose of these workshops is to inspire creative expression, encourage communication, and introduce art as a way to help alleviate boredom, depression, and/or anxiety.

    These workshops range from 1 - 1-½ hours, and PHT prepares many of the materials ahead of time (paper cut to ideal sizes, pre-painted elements) enabling participants to take their time browsing through, and choosing from, an array of objects to include in their artwork. PHT guides all participants through each step, and assists individuals one-on-one as needed. This new program has received positive verbal feedback from both hosting facilities and participants. Future classes will have voluntary written feedback surveys for PHT to measure success by.
Budget 25%
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other
Population Served Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens, Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent, Other Health/Disability
Short Term Success Piecing Hearts Together workshops with seniors typically include men and women, mixed ethnicities, and people who enjoyed art and those that don’t. We have seen a high rate of socialization, collaboration, and creativity. Whether an attendee was interested in the project at the beginning of the workshop or not, they enjoyed themselves throughout and were able to leave with a beautiful keepsake to remind them of their creative potential. Everyone so far has requested additional PHT workshops.
Long term Success

For the new senior workshops program, Piecing Hearts Together anticipates there will be a great increase in the mood, outlook, and sociability of the senior citizens that participate. By gathering in a relaxing, welcoming, community setting and working with fun projects, such as creating keepsake boxes, people who might otherwise feel isolated or bored will have the opportunity to communicate with peers and share laughter.

Based on the workshops held thus far, 100% of attendees have enjoyed themselves and felt uplifted after participating. We anticipate that when we are able to facilitate workshops in nursing homes or senior housing, the rate of happiness will stay in the range of 90%.
Program Success Monitored By Piecing Hearts Together is currently assessing the best strategy by which to measure success of the workshops for seniors. Currently, we are speaking with attendees, counselors, and facility managers to gather feedback about the workshops. We anticipate working with specific groups on a regular basis, so in that case we will be able to report on changes in behavior, sociability, and general well-being after several weeks of attendance.
Examples of Program Success This is a new program and Piecing Hearts Together has not yet had the opportunity to measure overall success. After six months, PHT anticipates having examples of success.

In 2016, Piecing Hearts Together began group workshops at Nashville facility for homeless individuals. Approximately 17 people attend each workshop. The participants range widely in age, race, dexterity, and mental health; attendance is 75% male, 25% female, depending on the season.

Projects for these workshops have included “Gratitude Trees” (personal messages on leaves all tied to branches of a “tree”), group mixed media collages, and decorated hand cut-outs assembled to create one “handscape.” People work in groups and assist with various stages of the workshop project. This encourages collaboration, communication, and community-mindedness. PHT assists participants throughout based on special needs. Voluntary feedback surveys show 99.8% positive feedback and request for future workshops, with some very heartwarming testimonials about the positive impact the workshop made on them.
Budget 26%
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other
Population Served Homeless, Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent, Unemployed, Underemployed, Dislocated
Short Term Success

Piecing Hearts Together’s workshops for homeless individuals are one hour long and include 50 minutes of hands-on creative time. We have consistently seen 90-95% of participants in each workshop remarkably calmer, more focused, and happier at the end of each workshop. Often times, many individuals enter the room visibly anxious and uncertain of whether they want to participate. By the end of the workshop, 90% of attendees ask when we will have our next workshop, and thank us profusely.

PHT workshops bring homeless individuals into a warm and welcoming environment, where they are given all the tools and supplies they need to create art. The positive change in self-worth has been evident with so many people who consider themselves artists, but had no prior resources to work with.
Long term Success

For homeless individuals participating in Piecing Hearts Together creative expression workshops, 94% will feel that the opportunity to be creative has enhanced their lives and increased their self-esteem. 80% will discover a newfound creative potential and artistic skills. 98% will feel a reduction in anxiety and hopelessness. 85% of the participants will shift their focus from desperation to creative engagement while they are attending the workshop.

Other long-term changes that will result from the program involve hosting facilities. 100% of the facilities where we host creative expression workshops will request future workshops. 100% of the facilities will benefit from the time, resources, and lesson plans that Piecing Hearts Together provides. 100% of the facilities will benefit from being able to add artistic programs to their list of services.
Program Success Monitored By

The success of Piecing Hearts Together workshops for homeless individuals is measured by volunteer, anonymous surveys completed by workshop participants. We have a 97% return rate for survey completion and a 99% positive feedback score. These surveys ask the following questions: “How did you feel during the creative expression workshop today?”, “What part of the workshop made a positive impact on you?”, and “Would you be interested in more workshops like this?”.

Additionally, we review each workshop with the staff. Turnout for the workshops varies due to other programs offered in the same time frame, so the number of people attending the workshops is a good indicator of interest and personal value.

We will continue to develop methods of determining success as our programs grow.
Examples of Program Success

Our 99% positive feedback score is something we are very proud of at Piecing Hearts Together. We look forward to reading the testimonies from the homeless individuals who attend our workshops, as they are often very complimentary and grateful. A few of the examples are:

For the survey question, “How did you feel during the creative expression workshop today?”:

“It made me feel really good about myself.”

“Very good, it helped release stress.”

“At ease, with a given purpose for this class.”

“I did not think I would like it...but I had a really good time.”

For the survey question, “What part of the workshop made a positive impact on you?”:

“It caused me to make choices, and think about the choices I was making.”

“The kind nature of the instructors. The class got my mind off everyday life.”

“The expression of my well-being through art.”

 “Very mentally healing!”

Piecing Hearts Together holds promotional art workshops to increase community awareness of what they do to help individuals in need throughout Middle Tennessee. People that attend these promotional workshops pay a fee to cover the cost of supplies and also help offset costs of PHT programs. Venues include restaurants, private homes, and event facilities.

While creating their own works of mixed media art, attendees learn about the benefits of creative expression and the mission of PHT. Approximately 15-20 people attend these workshops. By experiencing first-hand the positive effects of creativity during these workshops, people develop a much greater understanding of the impact that art can have in the lives of people who are struggling. These workshops are a great opportunity to promote the PHT mission, highlight monetary and supply donation needs, and recruit volunteers.
Budget 10%
Category Arts, Culture & Humanities, General/Other
Population Served Adults, Females, Families
Short Term Success The short-term success of these workshops is increased awareness for the cause we serve and our mission, increased supply donations, newsletter subscribers, financial donations, and volunteerism. Additionally, attendees have suggested facilities that may be in need of creative expression workshops, and also suggested churches and businesses that may be able assist with supply donations or financial contributions to support the workshops.
Long term Success Long-term success for Promotional Workshops for Community Awareness will result in a solid group of volunteers who will assist in the mission of Piecing Hearts Together by way of fundraising, social media promotion, supply donations, event hosting, and workshop assistance. As PHT reaches more people in the community, there becomes more opportunity to reach groups of people who will benefit from creative art workshops. As our workshop offerings grow, so does our need for volunteers, supplies, and donations-in-kind. By hosting Promotional Workshops for Community Awareness, we are able to meet people and engage them in the work we do, network, and find partnerships.
Program Success Monitored By Program success is monitored by number of attendees and follow-through. During the workshops, we ask for people to follow us on social media, link their Kroger Rewards card to PHT community rewards, shop with AmazonSmile and select us as their designated charity, as well as consider hosting future workshops in their homes. The follow-through rate on those requests in 80%.
Examples of Program Success 100% of the people who have attended this workshop have enjoyed it. Many people seem skeptical at first (many of those are male attendees who have not created art in decades), but end up having a blast. As individuals have fun, they become very interested in the mission of Piecing Hearts Together and how they can help. Because of this, PHT is able to become more embedded in the community, which facilitates growth and expansion.
CEO Comments Piecing Hearts Together (PHT) programs have been so well-received that the demand for workshops has exceeded our means to provide them. Once we facilitate our first session at a new facility, we are often asked to return on a regular basis – in many cases, weekly. The seniors who attend our programs have been delighted with the opportunity to make something meaningful while connecting with their peers in a jovial, comfortable atmosphere. We know without a doubt that at the end of all our workshops, we’ve made a positive difference. As a new organization, we are continually striving to generate awareness of PHT. We’ve found that once people know what we’re doing, they want to help! Along with awareness, fundraising continues be our greatest challenge. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be creative. Our goal is to provide that opportunity in those places where the resources don’t exist.
Board Chair
Board Chair Amy Kate McMurry
Company Affiliation Williamson County Schools
Term June 2016 to June 2018
Email kate.mcmurry@gmail.com
Board Members
Lindsay Crampton Voting
Amy Kate McMurry Community VolunteerVoting
Kim Rush Community VolunteerVoting
Heather Van Syckle Community VolunteerExofficio
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 4
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 0
Female 4
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 1
Board Term Limits 3
Board Meeting Attendance % 100%
Does the organization have written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Does the organization have a written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage of Board Members making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage of Board Members making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Does the Board include Client Representation? No
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 4
Board CoChair
Board CoChair Kim Rush
Company Affiliation Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System
Term June 2016 to May 2018
Email KRush@vbhcs.org
Standing Committees
Risk Management Provisions
Commercial General Insurance
Improper Sexual Conduct/Sexual Abuse
CEO Comments The Board of Directors for Piecing Hearts Together (PHT) consists of four strong, community-minded individuals with expertise in the fields of mental health, finance, education, graphic design, and community outreach. As PHT grows, the size of its Board is expected to increase, become more diverse, and include members who more fully represent our target audience. We are confident that our outreach efforts will lead to encounters with people who share our passion for bringing creative outlets to under-served populations, and are excited to help guide and govern PHT as our scope widens.
Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Ms. Heather Van Syckle
Term Start May 2016
Email heather@piecingheartstogether.com

Heather Van Syckle is the co-founder and Executive Director of Piecing Hearts Together (PHT). She has 20 years of professional experience in marketing, media, design, and publishing. Throughout her career, Heather has worked with optics and branding to highlight the visual messaging for companies throughout the United States. As an advocate for under-served groups, she has volunteered in the Middle Tennessee community since 2003, assisting with Hope Lodge, Meals on Wheels, and Charley Foundation.

When the opportunity arose to discuss the idea that eventually became Piecing Hearts Together, Heather was immediately engaged. Creative Expression has always been a major part of her life, and the benefits of creativity have helped her through difficult times. In her work with Piecing Hearts Together, Heather has been able to bring creative expression opportunities to individuals going through difficult life transitions, and she has seen the positive effects it has had on the workshop participants.

As Executive Director of Piecing Hearts Together, Heather uses her marketing and business skills to promote the services that PHT offers in the Middle Tennessee community. In addition to facilitating creative workshops, her work includes designing digital and print marketing materials, designing and maintaining the PHT website, writing grant proposals, facilitating creative workshops, planning workshop lessons and projects, and reaching out to corporations and local businesses for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.
Former CEOs
LeeAnn Balletto May 2016 - July 2017
Full Time Staff 0
Part Time Staff 0
Volunteers 5
Contractors 1
Retention Rate 100%
Plans & Policies
Does the organization have a documented Fundraising Plan? Yes
Does the organization have an approved Strategic Plan? Yes
Number of years Strategic Plan Considers 5
When was Strategic Plan adopted? Aug 2017
In case of a change in leadership, is a Management Succession plan in place? Under Development
Does the organization have a Policies and Procedures Plan? Yes
Does the organization have a Nondiscrimination Policy? Yes
Tennessee Arts Commission2017
Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville2017
CEO Comments

The By-Laws that Piecing Hearts Together (PHT) adheres to were accepted by our Board and implemented in June, 2016.  PHT’s director serves in multiple roles as CEO, President, Executive Director, Program Director, Bookkeeper, Web Designer, and Administrator, and have yet to collect a salary. We believe strongly in our mission with the understanding that we are working toward becoming financially secure in order to continue our life-changing programs, bringing creative opportunities to those in places without the resources to provide them on their own.

Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Start May 01 2017
Fiscal Year End Apr 30 2018
Projected Revenue $49,620.00
Projected Expenses $49,620.00
Endowment Spending Policy N/A
Detailed Financials
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201720162015
Program Expense$0----
Administration Expense$0----
Fundraising Expense$0----
Payments to Affiliates$0----
Total Revenue/Total Expenses------
Program Expense/Total Expenses------
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue------
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201720162015
Total Assets$0----
Current Assets$0----
Long-Term Liabilities$0----
Current Liabilities$0----
Total Net Assets$0----
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201720162015
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities------
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201720162015
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets------
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201720162015
Top Funding Source & Dollar Amount ------
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount ------
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount ------
Form 990s
IRS Letter of Exemption
Capital Campaign
Is the organization currently conducting a Capital Campaign for an endowment or the purchase of a major asset? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? Yes
State Charitable Solicitations Permit
TN Charitable Solicitations Registration Yes - Expires Oct 2018
Solicitations Permit
Organizational Budgets and Other Documents
Budget 2017-20182018
Organization Comments Being newly founded in 2016, Piecing Hearts Together (PHT) has a limited financial history. Our main goal as a nonprofit organization is to raise the funds necessary to support our mission. We continue to increase our efforts toward fundraising and grant application, as well as revenue-generating workshops that will provide support for our outreach programs. PHT workshops made a positive impact on the lives of over 500 individuals during its initial 14 months as a nonprofit organization. As funds increase, our footprint in the Middle Tennessee area does as well, bringing creative outlets to senior citizens. With our Giving Matters alignment, we are looking forward to increased opportunities to share our mission and raise the funds necessary to not only meet, but exceed our goals in serving the our community.
GivingMatters.com Financial Comments

This organization filed a 990-N form with the IRS, which does not provide specific financial information. Most small tax-exempt organizations whose annual gross receipts are normally $50,000 or less ($25,000 for tax years ending after December 31, 2007 and before December 31, 2010) are required to electronically submit Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard, unless they choose to file a complete Form 990 or Form 990-EZ instead.


Kathryn Bennett 5/17/17.
Nonprofit Piecing Hearts Together
Address P.O. Box 39
Pegram, TN 37143
Primary Phone (615) 521-2376
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Heather Van Syckle
Board Chair Amy Kate McMurry
Board Chair Company Affiliation Williamson County Schools
Year of Incorporation 2016

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