GuideStar Data Transfer

Through a partnership with GuideStar, updated and publicly viewable data from organizations' profiles transfer to the GuideStar Exchange (GSX) database monthly.

Most 501(c)(3) nonprofit charities and 501(c) tax-exempt organizations in the United States are already part of the GuideStar Exchange database. This annual data share eliminates the need to update two profiles annually. GuideStar is a neutral source of nonprofit information and, like, does not rate or rank the organizations in its database.


1. Which organizations will be a part of the data share?

Only viewable, current profiles and information will be transferred to GuideStar. If your profile has not yet been published, has been marked as "Declined to Update," or has been made nonviewable, your GuideStar Exchange (GSX) profile will not be updated. If your profile has not been updated since the most recent data transfer, your information will not transfer.

If an organization’s GuideStar Exchange profile is newer than the most recent update to their profile, the older profile will not replace the newer GSX profile. Organizations sharing an EIN with a fiscal sponsor or with other chapters of a larger organization will not transfer.

2. What information from my profile will transfer:

Any data field updated/published since the most recent transfer, and which corresponds to an existing GuideStar data field, will transfer. If you have made profile edits that have not yet been submitted to to be published, that information will not be shared with GuideStar.

3. What does this mean for my organization?

The data share eliminates the need for busy nonprofits to update two profiles annually. By keeping your profile up-to-date, your GSX listing will also be updated through this automatic process several times each year.

4. What do I need to do?

Update the information in your organization’s profile by the update deadline above to ensure that the most current information appears on GSX. To update your profile, log in to with your user name and password. Don’t forget to submit the profile edits for publication by clicking the “Review Changes” button, and then choosing “Send to Community Foundation.” Nonprofits should take the time to review the data in their profiles to provide the best possible data to GuideStar.