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Walden's Puddle

Last Updated: 9/26/2014 1:52:17 PM


Walden's Puddle


P.O. Box 641

Joelton, TN 37080-0641
Davidson County

Primary Phone

(615) 299-9938 x25

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(615) 876-2388

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Visit us on Facebook

CEO/Executive Director

Board Chair Lane Brody

Board Chair

Ms. Lane Brody

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walden's puddle
walden's puddle
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Walden's Puddle (WP) is committed to wildlife rehabilitation, education and conservation.  WP provides care and treatment to sick, injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife that are brought to us by people from all over Tennessee, with the goal being to return the rehabilitated animals to the wild. We also provide hands-on environmental, educational and conservation programs for Middle Tennessee residents including the Scouts, college students, children and seniors in various settings, that will help them live with a greater appreciation for the wildlife around them.  These programs educate the public on: wildlife ethics, welfare and laws; what to do if you find an injured or abandoned animal; and the services we provide at Walden's Puddle.

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Wildlife Rehabilitation

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