United Cerebral Palsy of Middle TN
1200 9th Avenue North
Suite 110
Nashville TN 37208-2526
UCP Family Picnic
Mission Statement
The mission of United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee is to advance the independence, productivity, and full citizenship of individuals with disabilities through hands on services and to provide support to family members and caregivers. Our vision is to achieve a fully inclusive community, where people with disabilities have access and opportunity to achieve their fullest potential; a community where they and their families realize the promise of integration, self-direction, and quality of life choices.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Deana Claiborne
Board Chair Mr. Jim Catalano
Board Chair Company Affiliation Frost Brown Todd, LLC Attorneys
History & Background
Year of Incorporation 1985
Organization's type of tax exempt status 501-C3
Financial Summary
Graph: Expense Breakdown Graph - All Years
Projected Expenses $1,432,882.00
Projected Annual Revenue $1,432,882.00 (2018)
Mission The mission of United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee is to advance the independence, productivity, and full citizenship of individuals with disabilities through hands on services and to provide support to family members and caregivers. Our vision is to achieve a fully inclusive community, where people with disabilities have access and opportunity to achieve their fullest potential; a community where they and their families realize the promise of integration, self-direction, and quality of life choices.

United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee (UCP) was incorporated in 1985 by concerned parents of children with disabilities, adults with disabilities, and volunteers. Our guiding vision is to achieve a fully inclusive community, where people with disabilities have access and opportunity to achieve their fullest potential; a community where they and their families realize the promise of integration, self-direction, and quality of life choices. UCP serves persons of all ages with all forms of disabilities, with focus on disabilities that primarily affect mobility and developmental progress.

In recent years, UCP has dedicated our resources to the state’s under-served populations, i.e., persons with significant disabilities who are not served by the state’s system of developmental disability services, and persons who do not qualify for substantial governmental supports. These include children and adults with developmental disabilities who are disqualified from the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver Services because of diagnosis or who are on the extensive waiting lists for services in Tennessee's Medicaid Waiver Programs. The agency also serves a large population of individuals who have acquired disabilities as a result of conditions related to aging.



UCP has a very lean and efficient operation, with only 5 full time staff members and hundreds of volunteers. The services we have developed allow us to serve a substantial number of people at a low cost. These programs are sustainable, and they are to a certain extent scalable within the context of available funding. UCP programs provide targeted, essential relief that makes a measurable difference in the safety and independence of both the individual with a disability as well as their home-based caregivers. United Cerebral Palsy currently serves over 2500 people annually through the following initiatives (Each of these programs has waiting lists for services):

Each year, UCP provides over $1Million worth of durable medical equipment to persons with severe disabilities who could not otherwise acquire this equipment.

Our Rutherford County Family Support Program serves over 240 individuals annually, with focus on families with children who have developmental disabilities and limited supports

UCP, our volunteers and partner programs across the state have constructed over 2500 wheelchair ramps on to the homes of low income individuals with severe disabilities

Our sports and recreation programs serve approximately 50 children and young adults annually

UCP was recognized by the Tennessee State Legislature for our advocacy efforts which resulted in the creation of the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

UCP does not represent that our programs meet all of the needs of the populations we serve; their needs are immense. UCP will continue to advocate for sound public programs that provide equity in services to all disability populations. Until that time, our primary goals are:

to continue to provide low-cost targeted services to relieve extraordinary needs

to address waiting list needs in our key programs of service

to expand our volunteer outreach, training and services,

to develop non-restricted funds to meet ongoing operational needs


Funding is needed to provided direct services to persons with severe developmental disabilities other than intellectual disabilities. These include disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, and other disabilities acquired at birth or during childhood.
Due to a gap in Tennessee's service structure, these individuals are not served by either the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities or by the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
Other ways to donate, support, or volunteer

Checks can be sent to: UCP of Middle Tennessee, 1200 9th Avenue North, Suite 110, Nashville TN 37208. You can also give real estate, appreciated stocks, or in-kind gifts such as durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, tub transfer benches, etc.), hygiene supplies, and other essentials that will be distributed to people in need. If you would like to give any of these items, or if you want to contribute your time, contact our Executive Director Deana Claiborne deana_claiborne@ucpnashville.org (615-242-4091) about ways you can become directly involved in wheelchair ramp building, special events and other UCP activities.

Service Categories
Primary Organization Category Human Services / Developmentally Disabled Services/Centers
Secondary Organization Category Housing, Shelter / Home Improvement/Repairs
Tertiary Organization Category Recreation & Sports / Amateur Sports
Areas of Service
Areas Served
TN - Bedford
TN - Cannon
TN - Cheatham
TN - Clay
TN - Coffee
TN - Cumberland
TN - Davidson
TN - Dekalb
TN - Dickson
TN - Fentress
TN - Franklin
TN - Giles
TN - Hickman
TN - Houston
TN - Humphreys
TN - Jackson
TN - Lawrence
TN - Lewis
TN - Lincoln
TN - Macon
TN - Marshall
TN - Maury
TN - Montgomery
TN - Moore
TN - Overton
TN - Perry
TN - Pickett
TN - Putnam
TN - Robertson
TN - Rutherford
TN - Smith
TN - Stewart
TN - Sumner
TN - Trousdale
TN - Van Buren
TN - Warren
TN - Wayne
TN - White
TN - Williamson
TN - Wilson
While our primary focus is Middle Tennessee, UCP of Middle Tennessee provides services to individuals with disabilities in approximately 80% of Tennessee counties in any given year.
Board Chair Statement

CEO Statement

United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee is unique among agencies serving individuals with developmental and acquired physical disabilities in Tennessee. While most agencies that primarily focus on developmental disabilities services provide programs for populations for which waiver contract funding is available through the state Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, UCP has chosen to focus on the needs of substantially unaddressed populations. Our agency relies on an array of private funding initiatives for basic services to our families. Many people with significant disabilities do not qualify for long term care supports under TennCare and they cannot acquire private insurance adequate to meet their significant long term care needs. The individuals our agency serves are people with documented and verifiable needs who simply have nowhere else to turn. Our resources are meager, but our volunteers and families prove every day that much can be done when limited resources are used with innovation and care.

Description A collaborative program that collects, repairs and refurbishes used adaptive equipment for placement with individuals with disabilities who otherwise could not afford this equipment.
Budget 345284
Category Human Services Human Services, General/Other
Population Served Disabled, General or Disability Unspecified, Physically Disabled nec,
Description UCP coordinates state-wide construction of wheelchair ramps for individuals whose homes are without proper accessibility
Budget 207302
Category Human Services Human Services, General/Other
Population Served Disabled, General or Disability Unspecified, Physically Disabled nec,
Description Allows individuals with all types of disabilites in Tennessee, their parents or caregivers to attend conferences and educational activities related to their disability
Budget 24209
Category Education Educational Delivery
Population Served Physically Disabled nec, Disabled, General or Disability Unspecified,
Description Housing-related grants and low-cost disability-related home modifications and repairs specific to the needs of low income Tennesseans with severe disabilities in rural Tennessee Counties.
Budget 100000
Category Human Services Services for Individuals with Disabilities
Population Served Disabled, General or Disability Unspecified, Physically Disabled nec,
The Family Support program provides direct financial assistance for disability related needs such as respite care, day care services, home modifications, equipment, supplies, personal assistance, transportation, homemaker services, housing costs, health-related needs, nursing and counseling. A significant portion of funding for this program is provided by a grant from the State of Tennessee.
Budget 327795
Population Served , ,
CEO Comments United Cerebral Palsy serves as a primary portal through which families from diverse demographic backgrounds learn about services available to individuals with many types of disabilities and also about the developmental disability known as cerebral palsy. A large number of requests for help pertain to unmet needs of the constituency in our state. These include requests for help in funding assistive technology, equipment, dental services, personal and attendant care services, respite care, prescription pharmaceuticals, and other items not covered under TennCare and private insurance. Regrettably, the agency does not have the financial resources to address many of these needs. A large percentage of requests for help are related to the need for DD waiver services and long term supports for individuals with developmental disabilities but no concurrent intellectual disability. UCP is aggressively seeking means by which to become more viable in financially assisting families with significant unmet needs. We recognize that an appropriately developed Medicaid Waiver for our population is essential. Until financial resources to help our families can be identified, UCP will continue to supply support and services to persons with disabilities and their familiy members at the greatest level of our capacity. We pledge to listen to the needs of our constitutents. We pledge to take the time required for each individual: when they are worried or need a caring person on the other end of the telephone line we pledge to be there for them and we pledge to seek out all available community resources on their behalf. We pledge to respond promptly to their email messages and to do everything possible to ensure that our families feel valued and that their needs are recognized and validated, even when we do not have the resources to help them.
Board Chair
Board Chair Mr. Jim Catalano
Company Affiliation Frost Brown Todd, LLC Attorneys
Term July 2017 to June 2019
Email jcatalano@fbtlaw.com
Board Members
Mr. Randy Brown C5 HealthVoting
Mr. Jim Catalano Nelson Mullins Riley & ScarboroughVoting
Mr. Andrew Eckstein LBMC, PCVoting
Mr. Mike Francisco HCAVoting
Mr. Peter Harmon HCAVoting
Ms. Jeanne McRedmond Business ConsultantVoting
Mr. Erik Milam TrustcoreVoting
Mr. Nick Perenich AttorneyVoting
Mr. Wick Ruehling Cumberland Trust and InvestmentVoting
Ms. Claudia Weber TN Dept. of EducationVoting
Ms Sherry West Community Volunteer/Family RepresentativeVoting
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 11
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 3 Individual with disability/Family member
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 8
Female 3
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Meeting Attendance % 78%
Does the organization have written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Does the organization have a written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage of Board Members making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage of Board Members making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Does the Board include Client Representation? Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 6
Standing Committees
Board Development
Communications / Public Relations
Community Outreach / Community Relations
Development / Fund Raising
Human Resources / Personnel
Special Events
Strategic Planning
Risk Management Provisions
Accident & Injury Coverage
Automobile Insurance
Automobile Insurance & Umbrella or Excess Insurance
Computer Equipment & Software
Crime Coverage
Directors & Officers Policy
Disability Insurance
Employee Benefits Liability
Employment Practices Liability
General Property Coverage & Professional Liability
Improper Sexual Conduct/Sexual Abuse
Life Insurance
Medical Health Insurance
Professional Liability
Property in Transit & Off Premises
See Management and Governance Comments
Special Event Liability
Umbrella or Excess Insurance
Workers Compensation & Employers' Liability
CEO Comments The challenges of managing United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee are great. The agency has an unusually large consumer base with significant documented need, no concurrent state or Medicaid Waiver funding streams, scarce financial resources, and a very small staff. Crucial to our management philosophy is a sense among all the staff and volunteers that the agency is “holding the line” . . . that we signify the difference between a person with a disability receiving a limited service, or no service at all. We have taken a triage approach to program management; first identifying services most critical to our families, then identifying those services that we have a genuine chance of sustaining through an influx of volunteers and non-financial resources. We also have a commitment to maintain a limited number of programs that are solely dedicated to creating quality of life experiences for our consumers. While we realize that our families have significant unmet needs, we also believe that there is no substitute for conveying a sense of care, and validating the lives of each person we are privileged to serve.
Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Ms. Deana Claiborne
Term Start May 1993
Email Deana_Claiborne@ucpnashville.org
Experience Deana Claiborne has held the position of Executive Director of United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee since 1993. Claiborne holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and a Master of Education Degree in Psychological Counseling. Claiborne formerly served as President the League of Women Voters Nashville and President of the State of Tennessee LWV Board. In this role, she was instrumental in the coordination of numerous political debates and forums. An experienced video producer, Claiborne has also produced educational programming on issues affecting individuals with disabilities. Among these include investigative reports on Inclusive Education, Transportation, Fair Housing, Adoption of Special Needs Children, and the Supreme Court's Olmstead Decision. In the 1980's, Claiborne was instrumental in the development of the state's child protection legislation and the subsequent establishment of non-profit child abuse prevention agencies across the state of Tennessee. During this period, she served as the chair of the state Standards Committee for Licensure of Tennessee Child Abuse Prevention Agencies. She also served as Chair of the Victims of Crime Act Advisory Board to the Tennessee Department of Human Services under three commissioners, assisting in the establishment of domestic violence shelters throughout Tennessee. Claiborne is a strong advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities and a proponent of long-term care initiatives that positively impact the economic condition of women in the role of caregivers. Current interests include accessible transportation, affordable housing, voting rights, and community based living supports. She served on the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Special Education, the Tennessee Developmental Disabilities Planning and Policy Council, and the Tennessee Child Care Resource Centers Board. She also served on the Board of Directors of CABLE (professional networking organization for women), and her community homeowner's association. Claiborne Chaired the 2005 Nashville ATHENA Awards, an annual event recognizing the professional accomplishments of women. Claiborne is now a member of the national UCP Federal Policy Steering Committee. 

Former CEOs
Ms Debbie Ricke May 1991 - May 1993
Full Time Staff 4
Part Time Staff 1
Volunteers 2689
Contractors 1
Retention Rate 100%
Plans & Policies
Does the organization have a documented Fundraising Plan? Yes
Does the organization have an approved Strategic Plan? Yes
Number of years Strategic Plan Considers 1
When was Strategic Plan adopted? Aug 2008
In case of a change in leadership, is a Management Succession plan in place? Under Development
Does the organization have a Policies and Procedures Plan? No
Does the organization have a Nondiscrimination Policy? Yes
Affiliate/Chapter of National Organization1985
Small cash award for providing a rewarding and educational volunteer experience HCA Volunteers2005
National Public Policy and Advocacy AwardUnited Cerebral Palsy Associations (national)2006
Senior Staff
Title Director of Volunteer Services & Systems and Procedures
Experience/Biography Curiosity Design (1994-2003); First American National Bank (1992-1995) State of Tennessee Department of Human Services 1977 - 1985)B.S. in Elementary Education (Austin Peay State University); volunteer for Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes, Salvation Army,Bethesda Center (Ashland City) and Boy Scouts of America.
Title Director of Home Access
Experience/Biography Granite Falls, Nashville, TN B.S. in Psychology Trevecca University Youth basketball coach
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Start July 01 2017
Fiscal Year End June 30 2018
Projected Revenue $1,432,882.00
Projected Expenses $1,432,882.00
Endowment Spending Policy N/A
Endowment Spending Percentage (if selected) 0%
Detailed Financials
Revenue and ExpensesHelpFinancial data for prior years is entered by foundation staff based on the documents submitted by nonprofit organizations.Foundation staff members enter this information to assure consistency in the presentation of financial data across all organizations.
Fiscal Year201720162015
Total Revenue$1,722,374$1,353,242$1,340,252
Total Expenses$1,638,277$1,382,555$1,379,275
Revenue Less Expenses$84,097($29,313)($39,023)
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201720162015
Program Expense$1,549,701$1,290,746$1,278,450
Administration Expense$42,250$47,437$58,423
Fundraising Expense$46,326$44,372$42,402
Payments to Affiliates--$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.050.980.97
Program Expense/Total Expenses95%93%93%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue5%6%6%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201720162015
Total Assets$1,907,097$1,758,174$1,786,039
Current Assets$482,795$430,659$401,132
Long-Term Liabilities$187,072$86,855$90,089
Current Liabilities$103,604$35,391$30,709
Total Net Assets$1,720,025$1,635,928$1,665,241
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201720162015
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities4.6612.1713.06
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201720162015
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets10%5%5%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201720162015
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, Gifts, and Grants $801,487Noncash Contributions $645,861Noncash Contributions $625,057
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountNoncash Contributions $786,332Contributions, Gifts and Grants $554,046Contributions, Gifts, and Grants $586,851
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountFundraising Events $134,466Fundraising Events $152,807Fundraising Events $128,232
Capital Campaign
Is the organization currently conducting a Capital Campaign for an endowment or the purchase of a major asset? No
Capital Campaign Goal $0.00
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? No
State Charitable Solicitations Permit
TN Charitable Solicitations Registration Yes - Expires Dec 2018
Organization Comments

1. Revenues and expenses reported under projections above reflect in-kind valuation of durable medical equipment. This is also reported on the agency's audit and 990.

2. UCP is beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust. This information is also reported on our audit and 990. Upon the death of the first income beneficiary, the remaining principal is to be distributed to UCP. A noncurrent asset for the remainder interest in the trust is recognized on the financial statements as a permanently restricted net asset. While trust assets are reflected on the financial statements, these assets are not currently available for use by the agency.
GivingMatters.com Financial Comments
Beginning with FY 2010, financial figures are taken from the Audit.
All prior FY figures were taken from the 990.
Audit was prepared by CPA Consulting Group.
Comments provided by Nicole Rose 02/07/2018. 
Nonprofit United Cerebral Palsy of Middle TN
Address 1200 9th Avenue North
Suite 110
Nashville, TN 37208 2526
Primary Phone (615) 242-4091
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Deana Claiborne
Board Chair Mr. Jim Catalano
Board Chair Company Affiliation Frost Brown Todd, LLC Attorneys
Year of Incorporation 1985

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