Jesse C Beesley Animal Humane Foundation
2215 Keeneland Commercial Blvd
Murfreesboro TN 37127
Jesse Beesley
Mission Statement
Beesley Foundation was formed to promote the welfare of animals. Dedicated to decreasing the suffering caused by pet overpopulation and educating the public on responsible pet care.
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Amanda Oliver
Board Chair Mrs. Sarah Fryar Cantrell
Board Chair Company Affiliation Lawyers Land and Title Company
History & Background
Year of Incorporation 1980
Organization's type of tax exempt status 501-C3
Financial Summary
Projected Expenses $359,703.00
Projected Annual Revenue $585,855.00 (2017)
Mission Beesley Foundation was formed to promote the welfare of animals. Dedicated to decreasing the suffering caused by pet overpopulation and educating the public on responsible pet care.
Background Jesse C. Beesley, local noted sculptor, was instrumental in forming the first humane society in Rutherford County in 1976 and inspired the formation of the Spay/Neuter clinic in 1992. Today, the Beesley Foundation, which runs the Clinic, is dedicated to decreasing the suffering caused by pet overpopulation. The clinic offers low-cost spay/neuter alternatives for both shelter-adopted animals and the general public. By presenting educational programs and information, running assistance programs for those who are financially distressed, rescue groups and feral cat rescues, the clinic continues towards the goals of Mr. Beesley, a true friend of all animals.
Impact The Beesley Foundation is set up for the welfare of animals; promoting responsible pet care for dogs and cats. This stresses the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs to decrease the over population of unwanted animals. With the decrease of unwanted animals, more tax payer dollars can be spent on needs other than sheltering. The Beesley Clinic averages 2300 spay/neuter surgeries per year with one vet and vet assistant. The clinic runs a second surgery suite on an as need basis. The clinic has expansion capabilities if the community needs the facility expanded. The clinic reaches out to all. However, when available there is funding for those who can’t afford even Beesley’s low prices. Beesley works with various facilities to get the word out about the need for spay/neuter and to work with those in the lower socio-economic sphere.  Beesley has started an outreach program; going out the first Friday of the month and giving vaccinations to the cats and dogs of the homeless, underserved and seniors.   Beesley has included a food outreach for cats and dogs.  We work with food banks, senior centers, churches and ministries that help those in need.  Education showing how human abuse and animal abuse go hand in hand is very important. Education promotes changes in attitudes, which influences behavior and thus leads to establishing new norms. Our goals this year are to increase our spay/neuter services, to increase awareness of the importance of responsible pet care and to reach as many in need as possible. 
Needs The most pressing needs for the Beesley Foundation include: 1) Funding to continue to help reduce the cost of spay/neuter to the public. 2) Funding to support a wider scope and more in depth education programs for community and the schools. 3) Funding for the continuation of our outreach program.
Other ways to donate, support, or volunteer The Foundation accepts checks, cash and in-kind donations.  One can also go on line and donate at Beesley Animal or Beesley Animal  There is a wish list on our website. It is always helpful to receive these items.  Our volunteer opportunities center around our fund raising events. One must be 18 years or older to volunteer or have a parent with them.
Service Categories
Primary Organization Category Animal Related / Animal Protection & Welfare
Secondary Organization Category Animal Related / Animal Services NEC
Tertiary Organization Category Education / Elementary & Secondary Schools
Areas of Service
Areas Served
TN - Rutherford
TN - Cannon
Though we have only listed the 2 main counties served, we try to serve anyone from anywhere who need our services.
CEO Statement "The ethics of reverence for life makes no distinction between higher and lower, more precious and less precious life." (Albert Schweitzer) The Beesley Foundation was formed for the welfare of animals. Today the Foundation's programs consist of running an affordable cost spay neuter clinic as its main thrust to improve the lives of many cats and dogs and their humans. Responsible pet care education for the community and financial aid to those who are financially distressed are other programs run by Beesley. There are also, assistance programs for rescue groups and those who take care of feral cat colonies. Some facts that promote the importance of spay/neuter programs. In the United States there are 15 dogs and 45 cats born every time a person is born. There are not enough available homes for these animals. If two cats are not spayed or neutered over a period of 4 years they could be responsible for 20,000 offspring. If two dogs are not spayed or neutered in 7 years the cumulative offspring can number well into the thousands, approximately 4,400. The Beesley focus is to educate people on the importance of spay/neuter to decrease the senseless suffering that so many animals endure. The Beesley Foundation works to educate the public about the intermeshing of animal abuse and people abuse...It can not be separated. As we move forward we will reach more people and their animals to help provide a better environment for all.
Description Through our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic we offer affordable spay/neuter services for everyone. Services are available to the public as well as shelter, pet adoption & welfare services, and rescue groups for spay/neuter surgery and shots. We do not offer any other medical services, for which a full-service veterinary clinic should be consulted. We are unable to provide surgeries for animals in the high-risk category, because we do not have the necessary specialized diagnostic equipment. When funds are available some reductions in the surgery and vaccination rates are made for adoptions from shelters and rescue groups, and for capture and release of feral cats. Financial assistance is available (limited by grant and fundraising dollars) for families who can not afford to pay.
Budget 300000
Population Served , ,
Description Representatives of  the Beesley Foundation are available to speak to schools and community groups about responsible pet care. Presentations are tailored to fit the age of the audience. Topics include but not exclusive to:  kindness to animals, responsible pet ownership, the importance of vaccinations, proper vet care, leash laws, and the importance of population control for our animal companions.
Budget 1000
Population Served , ,
Description When funding is available, Beesley assists with rescue groups and feral cat colonies. Beesley also assists people with surgery costs when they can not afford our low costs.
Category Animal-Related Animal Protection & Welfare
Population Served General Public/Unspecified, ,
Description The Beesley Animal Foundation has been fortunate to be able to add an outreach program to the homeless and underserved in Rutherford and Cannon Counties.  The first Friday of each month is designated to this outreach.  This is funded by Beesley and utilizes volunteers to administer the paper work and vaccinations given by their vet. 
Budget 1750
Population Served , ,
CEO Comments Our organization's primary focus is our Spay and Neuter Clinic and our educational programs.  The biggest challenge and opportunity facing our clinic is growth.  Rutherford County and its surrounding counties are growing exponentially and so is the pet population.  There is a need for affordable veterinary services, but there is a large part of the population that is unaware of the many benefits that our clinic provides.  Recently, we began to focus more on finding new and creative ways to our market our clinic.  We've hired a marketing and fundraising coordinator to focus more on these efforts.  Of course, our hope is that this will lead to an increase in the use of our clinic, which will introduce new challenges.  Along those same lines, it is becoming increasingly important to provide educational programs that will speak to the importance of responsible pet care.  With the expansion of our staff and the eventual growth of our volunteer base, our Executive Director can begin to focus more on providing educational programs for children through the school system and other after school programs.
Board Chair
Board Chair Mrs. Sarah Fryar Cantrell
Company Affiliation Lawyers Land and Title Company
Term Apr 2016 to Apr 2018
Board Members
Ms. Beverly Barker First Nathional Bank of Middle TennesseeVoting
Mrs. Robin Brown Robin's Nest Bed & BiscuitVoting
Mrs. Sarah Fryar Cantrell Murfreesboro PostVoting
Mr. Sean Hart Southern Community BankVoting
Dr. Tony Johnston Middle Tennessee State UniversityVoting
Mr. JD Kious Voting
Ms. Ellie Leese Dempsey, Vantrease, FollisVoting
Ms. Barbara Sutton Dempsey, Vantrese, Follis PLLCVoting
Mr. Travis Swann Adams Mabry SwannVoting
Ms. Mary Lucy Yowell Hobby LobbyVoting
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 9
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Other 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 4
Female 5
Unspecified 0
Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits 2
Board Meeting Attendance % 75%
Does the organization have written Board Selection Criteria? Under Development
Does the organization have a written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
Percentage of Board Members making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage of Board Members making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Does the Board include Client Representation? Yes
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 11
Risk Management Provisions
Accident & Injury Coverage
Computer Equipment & Software
Directors & Officers Policy
General Property Coverage
Professional Liability
Workers Compensation & Employers' Liability
CEO Comments This organization is licensed by the State and reassessed by the State every 2 years for this license. The license is issued by the State Department of Health for a small animal clinic.

The biggest challenge facing our organization is our ability to take advantage of and address the problems that arise out of the tremendous growth in population in Rutherford County.  Our organization has an excellent board of directors and an extremely hardworking staff that have been instrumental in the success of our organization's Spay and Neuter Clinic and educational programs.  We have discovered that in order to address this growth we must first focus on expanding our staff.   We have hired a marketing and fundraising coordinator that will focus on finding new and creative ways to market the clinic and raise funds for the organization.  With a strong Board of Directors and staff, our next step will be to broaden our reach by establishing a large volunteer base, something that our organization is currently lacking.  This volunteer base should provide us with the means to expand our educational programs, increase our fundraising efforts, and handle increased volume in our clinic. 

Executive Director/CEO
Executive Director Ms. Amanda Oliver
Term Start Oct 2003
Experience Amanda has her BS in Education and her MA in Psychology. She has taught internationally in a third world country and spent some time on the board of the humane society in the area. As an educator Amanda has been involved in responsible animal care for 35 years and believes the main way to stop overpopulation and suffering of companion animals is through spay/neuter programs. She is actively involved in forging relationships with animal safety companies to promote more responsible pet care programs in the schools. Education is one of her passions and feels an ongoing change starts with our youth. One of the middle school pet clubs does a lot of work with the Beesley Foundation, participating in a number of the fundraisers. In her private life she is a TTouch Practitioner. This is an animal training technique that promotes respect toward the animal-- setting up a rapport between humans and animals, working with the animals to become more centered and balanced, to act, not just react. Her training is of international scope, working with animal advocates throughout the world.
Full Time Staff 5
Part Time Staff 4
Volunteers 25
Contractors 0
Retention Rate 100%
Plans & Policies
Does the organization have a documented Fundraising Plan? Under Development
Does the organization have an approved Strategic Plan? Under Development
In case of a change in leadership, is a Management Succession plan in place? No
Does the organization have a Policies and Procedures Plan? Yes
Does the organization have a Nondiscrimination Policy? Yes
Best Non-ProfitMurfreesboro Post Bestie2012
Best Non-ProfitMurfreesboro Post Bestie2014
Top 300 Small Businesses of the SouthBusiness Leader2012
Senior Staff
Title Veterinarian
Experience/Biography Dr. Steuart attended Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. She came from a farming background and graduated from college with a B.S. in Animal Science. Since she could not decide which route to take, between applying for vet school or going into research, she took a position as veterinarian assistant after graduating. She worked for a busy 6 doctor mixed practice until deciding to return to college and vet school. Dr. Steuart graduated from the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine in the spring semester of 1989. Her background includes working in mixed animal practices doing small animal work, running her own clinic and being a relief vet. She is now the primary vet for Beesley Clinic, focusing on spaying/neutering to help decrease the unwanted animal population. She continues working at a full service clinic, as she enjoys the medical side of a full service practice, too. Dr. Steuart raises, trains and shows Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
CEO Comments We are licensed by the State and reassessed by the State every 2 years for this license. The license is issued by the State Department of Health for a small animal clinic.
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Start Jan 01 2017
Fiscal Year End Dec 31 2017
Projected Revenue $585,855.00
Projected Expenses $359,703.00
Endowment Spending Policy N/A
Endowment Spending Percentage (if selected) 0%
Detailed Financials
Revenue SourcesHelpThe financial analysis involves a comparison of the IRS Form 990 and the audit report (when available) and revenue sources may not sum to total based on reconciliation differences. Revenue from foundations and corporations may include individual contributions when not itemized separately.
Fiscal Year201520142013
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$0$0$0
Individual Contributions$40,346$271,325$26,198
Investment Income, Net of Losses$12,186$14,940$15,926
Membership Dues$0$0$0
Special Events$18,484$20,797$19,331
Revenue In-Kind$0$0$0
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201520142013
Program Expense$531,117$498,899$470,533
Administration Expense$40,815$25,852$26,295
Fundraising Expense$8,044$3,595$4,303
Payments to Affiliates$0$0$0
Total Revenue/Total Expenses0.971.390.96
Program Expense/Total Expenses92%94%94%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue12%1%9%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201520142013
Total Assets$2,231,805$2,259,646$2,047,445
Current Assets$1,258,936$1,116,594$1,114,175
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$20,019$21,045$11,546
Total Net Assets$2,211,786$2,238,601$2,035,899
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities62.8953.0696.50
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201520142013
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201520142013
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountProgram Revenue $478,485Program Services $426,980Program Service Revenue $417,205
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountContributions, Gifts and Grants $40,346Contributions, Gifts & Grants $271,325Contributions, Gifts & Grants $26,198
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountFundraising Events $18,484Fundraising Events $20,797Special Events $19,331
Capital Campaign
Is the organization currently conducting a Capital Campaign for an endowment or the purchase of a major asset? No
Capital Campaign Goal $0.00
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? No
State Charitable Solicitations Permit
TN Charitable Solicitations Registration Yes - Expires June 2017 Financial Comments
Financials taken from the 990.
Financials prepared by Jobe, Hastings & Associates, CPAs.
Comments provided by Kathryn Bennett 6/29/16.
Nonprofit Jesse C Beesley Animal Humane Foundation
Address 2215 Keeneland Commercial Blvd
Murfreesboro, TN 37127
Primary Phone (615) 217-1030
CEO/Executive Director Ms. Amanda Oliver
Board Chair Mrs. Sarah Fryar Cantrell
Board Chair Company Affiliation Lawyers Land and Title Company
Year of Incorporation 1980

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